About Us

nn-digital.com is a website that contains articles, tutorials and information related to Electronic modules, Microcontrollers, Arduino, STM8 / STM32, ESP8266 / NodeMCU, Raspberry and various other topics related to Information Technology.

The background of making this website is to share information, knowledge and experiences around the world of electronics and controllers. So that both we as site managers and visitors can benefit from the articles posted on the nn-digital.com website.

For this reason, we really appreciate visitors who are willing to provide suggestions, input and comments on the articles published on this website.

The website nn-digital.com does not currently have a special team, so it is still operated by the admin himself who currently lives and lives in the city of Surabaya and can be contacted via email contact: mascoker90@gmail.com

In closing we would like to thank the visitors who took the time to surf at nn-digital.com. Hopefully the content on this website provides benefits to others.