Get to know PZEM-004T Electronic Modules for Electrical Measurement Tools

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What is the PZEM-004T Module?

PZEM-004T is an electronic module that functions to measure: Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Energy and Power Factors. With the completeness of these functions / features, the PZEM-004T module is ideal for use as a project or experiment for measuring power on an electrical network such as a house or building.

The PZEM-004T module is produced by a company called Peacefair, there are 10 Ampere and 100 Ampere models. Please be careful because the wiring between the 10 Ampere models with 100 Amperes is different, if a short circuit or a short circuit can occur in the electrical network.

The Difference Between PZEM-004T V2.0 and PZEM-004T V3.0

PZEM-004T V2.0 and PZEM-004T V3.0
  • There is Reset Energi button on V2.0
  • In V3.0 the function to Reset Energy uses software, so there is no push button for Reset Energy
  • V3.0 is an upgraded version of V2.0 so that the level of accuracy is better
  • The conversion / reading time on V3.0 is faster than V2.0
  • The protocol used for data communication is different between the two

PZEM-004T Current Transformer ( CT ) Split Core

In addition there is also the PZEM-004T 100 Ampere which uses the Current Transformer split core model. Because it uses a split core, of course it has advantages in its ease of use because it can be directly installed on a power network cable that is already installed without having to remove the power cable.

Examples of PZEM-004T modules that use CT split core can be seen in the image below

PZEM-004T CT Split Core

Specifications / Features PZEM-004T

Although there are some differences between PZEM-004T V2.0 and PZEM-004T V3.0, functionally or featureally, both have similarities. Following are the features or specifications of the PZEM-004T module :

A. Function

  • Measurement function (voltage, current, active power).
  • Power button clear / reset Energy (PZEM-004T V2.0)
  • Power-down data storage function (cumulative power down before saving)
  • TTL Serial Communication
  • Power Measurement : 0 ~ 9999kW
  • Voltage Measurement : 80 ~ 260VAC
  • Current Measurement : 0 ~ 100A

B. Spesifications

  • Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  • Rated power: 100A / 22000W
  • Working Frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Measurement accuracy: 1.0

PZEM-004T programming

PZEM-004T module is very easy to use in programming using various types of microcontroller boards such as Arduino, ESP8266, STM32, WeMos, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi etc. because it uses TTL serial communication.

It should be noted that the protocols used in PZEM-004T V2.0 and PZEM-004T V3.0 are different, so the library and programming are also different. Many people think that the PZEM-004T module is corrupt or doesn’t work just because they don’t know and are using the wrong library.

For PZEM-004T programming using various microcontroller boards, we will review and peel in the article below :

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